Scott Frakes, the Director for the Department of Corrections, submitted an adjustment to his 2017 – 2019 budget request this Wednesday. The adjustment didn’t call for any increase in funding but rather for permission to spend money already in the budget on hiring more corporals and sergeants and to move some money around to reallocate to health care workers. Last year when Frakes submitted his budget before the legislature he asked for an increase of $15.3 million and 164 corrections positions. When it came to a vote appropriations committee members and other senators withdrew support for the increase and cut the request. Senator Krist, one who voted to cut the request, said at the time there were already 142 vacant positions and there needed to be accountability for the money already in place for the empty positions. Frakes' new request would allow the department to draw from funding that previously paid for contract medical services at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. The contract with a medical provider ended in July and Corrections Department employees are now providing medical services at the Tecumseh prison.