Joe, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, is the managing partner of Kissel, Kohout, ES Associates LLC. He has been a registered lobbyist before the Nebraska Legislature since 2002 where he has secured significant successes for the firm’s clients.  In the years leading up to his position as a member of the firm, Joe served as a Legislative Aide in the Nebraska Legislature and during his tenure he earned valuable expertise in committee structures, the legislative process and constituent services. 

Since joining the firm, Joe has worked with clients to advocate for legislation that achieved our client’s goals.   These achievements have included development of the Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act, consistent funding for Nebraska’s CASA system, defeat of legislation that would have placed financial burden on Nebraska’s counties and would have ended infrastructure development in Nebraska.

Joe is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Omaha Bar Association. He is admitted to practice law in the Nebraska Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska. However, Joe’s practice is completely devoted to government affairs and management of the firm. 

Along with Former Nebraska Governor Charles Thone and Kristin Crawford, Joe is an author of the Nebraska Chapter in the State Capital Group’s “Lobbying, PAC’s and Campaign Finance: 50 State Handbook on Lobbying Laws and Regulations in the Individual States.”

He loves to spend time with his family and to play golf.

Additional Information

  • Graduated from the Creighton University School of Law in 2003.

  • Served as Legislative Aide to former Senator John Hilgert.

  • Member of the Boards of Directors of the Nebraska Academic Decathlon Foundation and the Nebraska Regional Advisory Board for the ALS Association.

  • Current President and Former Treasurer of Phi Delta Theta’s Walter B. Palmer Foundation for Chapter Housing.

  • Former Vice President of the Board of Directors of Partnerships in Aging and former President of Sokol Omaha.

  • Served on the Mayor’s Fair Housing Advisory Board pursuant to an appointment by former Mayor Mike Fahey.

  • Married to Victoria Kohout and has two sons – Jackson and Harrison

  • Graduate of Creighton Preparatory School

  • Graduate of Creighton University with a Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science and History


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